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  11 Edgedale Rd   tel:   0114 258 6228
  Sheffield   fax:   0114 258 4810
  S7 2BQ.   email:


Map to Ground Navigation (the most common use for the compass).
Lay compass on map. Line up base plate with the line along which you intend to travel.

Keep the base plate still and rotate the compass housing until orienting lines are parallel with the N - S grid lines on the map and north on the compass housing points north on the map.

Read the bearing matching up with the directional arrow.

Add on 4 degrees (the 4 degrees that magnetic north is currently less than grid north). Map to Ground = Make Bigger = Add (The ground is bigger than the map). This is correct for the Peak District Jan 2004 please check your map for other areas.

Turn your body until the red end of the compass needle points at 'N' on the compass housing. Walk in the direction that the directional arrow is pointing.


Miles Per Hour

At 2.5 mph: 24 mins per mile / 12 mins per 1/2 mile
At 3 mph: 20 mins per mile / 10 mins per 1/2 mile

Kilometres Per Hour

At 4kph (2.5 mph): 15 mins per kilometre (1000 metres)
  1.5 mins per 100 metres (1/10 of a kilometre)
At 5kph (3 mph): 12 mins per kilometre (1000 metres)
  1.2 mins per 100 metres (1/10 kilometre)


30 minutes for every 300 metres (1000 feet)
Or 10 minutes for every 100 metres
Or 1 minute for every 10 metres


Allow 3 to 5 minutes for every 100 metres of steep descent.
On very difficult descents add up to 10 minutes per 100 metres.


11 Edgedale Rd   tel:   0114 258 6228
Sheffield   fax:   0114 258 4810
S7 2BQ   email: