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  11 Edgedale Rd   tel:   0114 258 6228
  Sheffield   fax:   0114 258 4810
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Follow these guidelines to maintain the performance of your Páramo garment indefinitely.

The water-repellent treatment on which the garment relies is highly durable. However, excessive amounts of dirt will attract water, reducing the garment’s performance. It is important to wash the garment regularly with Nikwax Tech Wash. This will remove the soiling without damaging the water-repellent treatment, thereby revitalising the water-repellency.

As a rough guide, depending upon frequency and conditions of use, we advise washing every 4-8 weeks. When used in wet conditions, water should form droplets on the outer fabric. Rapid wetting of the outer fabric in rain is a sure sign that water- repellency is fading and washing is required. Reproofing of the garment with Nikwax TX.Direct should be carried out every 12-18 months, or when washing with Tech Wash fails to revitalise the water-repellency. Running water over a sleeve will assess this.

To remove heavy soiling or stains, you may use detergent or even dry cleaning. This will not permanently damage the garment, but will remove the water-repellent treatment. If you have the garment dry cleaned ask for pure distilled solvent with no added detergent. It is vital that after dry cleaning or a detergent wash you re-wash the garment with Tech Wash and reproof with TX.Direct. The original water-repellency and “as new” performance will then be restored.

Páramo garments can be repaired very simply. Tears in the fabric can be sewn up, provided that the stitch seam is restricted to one layer of the garment and does not pass through both outer and lining. The latter would lead to leakage.


1.   Ensure the machine’s soap dispenser is free from the build up of detergent
2.   Fasten all zips and popper one sleeve or ankle to the other. Fasten all Velcro.
3.   One or maximum two small garments in a domestic size washing machine.
4.   Add 100 ml of Tech Wash via the soap dispenser or ball.
5.   Run the washing machine on synthetics' cycle (40ºC or 30ºC).
6.   Ideally tumble dry on a low heat setting.


1.   Follow steps 1-5 above. Do not dry them.
2.   Add 100 ml (one garment) or 200 ml (two garments) of TX.Direct via a ball.
3.   Run the machine again on full synthetics' cycle (40ºC or 30ºC).
4.   Ideally tumble dry on a low heat setting. This helps activate the TX.Direct.

For information on how the performance is affected by what you wear under a Paramo please read the general Waterproofs information sheet.


11 Edgedale Rd   tel:   0114 258 6228
Sheffield   fax:   0114 258 4810
S7 2BQ   email: