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Walking upright has taken its toll on the human frame. Back, hip, knee or leg problems are a common complaint especially amongst walkers. If you recognise this description the answer may well be a pair of trekking poles. Medical research has shown that using a pair of poles on an eight hour walk will relieve the strain on your knees by 250 tonnes - the equivalent of 60 elephants bearing down on you!

On the level - poles will give you greater stability improve your posture and allow you to keep a much better walking rhythm.

Uphill - poles will take some of the strain from your hamstrings making hill climbing less tiring.

Downhill - poles will alleviate strain on your knees.

Contouring - poles provide balance and help maintain a steady height.

You can also check the depth of bogs, use them for balance when crossing streams or rivers, fend off animals, or just attack your fellow walkers when they annoy you!


All the above comments are about a pair of poles. One pole will do some of the above but not all. One is better than none but two will provide more than twice the benefit.

If you have knee or back problems, intend to use the poles all the time or are carrying heavy rucksacks we recommend two poles.

Obviously if you are a dog walker this is difficult.

You could always try one and add a second later.


We have a number of demo poles we will gladly loan you free of charge . All we ask for is a refundable deposit.


We carry 25 different types of pole with a choice of handle material, handle angle, tips, weight and length. Many have shock absorbers and some have built in camera mounts. Please explain your circumstances and we will recommend the correct pole for your use.

Adjusting Poles.

Remember the knurled plastic is to help you grip the sections. It does not turn independently of the tube.

1.   Hold the middle section firmly and turn the bottom section anti-clockwise to loosen it (one turn should do). Now pull out the bottom section until the stop/max mark appears. Tighten by turning clockwise.
2.   Hold the top section firmly and turn the middle section anti-clockwise and adjust to suit your height as per the diagrams below. Tighten by turning clockwise. With practice this can be done on the move without letting go of the handle.


Adjust your arms to 90° angle.
Reduce the length of the poles to ensure that you are not overstretching when placing them.
Increase the length of the poles to avoid stretching and bending when placing the poles.
Set one pole longer. Use the short pole on the uphill side.

Using & Adjusting the Wrist Strap.

This is an important part of using the poles correctly. Incorrect use can be dangerous. Pass your hand through the wrist loop from below and grip the handle so that the two sides of the strap lie in the palm of your hand, forming a supportive cradle. Shorten or lengthen the size of the strap so that when your weight is supported your hand closes comfortably around the handle. This way much of the support comes from the strap rather than having to grip the handle tightly. Don’t leave your thumb on the top.


Always wipe off any dirt before retracting them and dry thoroughly after use. Get into the habit of separating the sections after each use and storing them like this in a dry place. Never lubricate with oil or WD40 as this will disable the locking mechanism.


The following spares are available for your pole , Tip Protectors, Rubber Pavement Bungs, Standard Baskets, Snow Baskets, Expansion Units, Complete Sections, Tungsten Carbide Tips, Pole Clips, Belt Clips and Pole Bags.


11 Edgedale Rd   tel:   0114 258 6228
Sheffield   fax:   0114 258 4810
S7 2BQ   email: